Tribulation, triumph and tranquility (Peace = La Paix, La Paz)

Whew, what a loooong and trying day…tomorrow is a new day, thank God.  Let me preface this by saying that my initial skepticism/dislike with Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has developed into an extreme, strong dismay that I don’t care to deal with any longer.  Hope the new LCPS Discipline Task Force actually makes real progress and isn’t just a bunch of good old boys of the LCPS School Board giving the appearance that they are actually doing something.  I’m just about ready to put my son in a private/military school right now @#%^&.  OK I’ll get off my soapbox now…here’s a partial timeline of Thursday’s highlights (note: references to “D” = my son and “M” = my daughter):

1) 3pm – D returns from school – behavior chart again was less than desirable (of course his main teacher went into LABOR days early and this was 1st day w/new long-term substitute); D informs me that Mrs. ______ had her baby yesterday, it was a baby boy, and she named it _______ (oh joy); spend next 15 min. lecturing him and proceed to give a detailed outline of the rules, previous conversations that were extremely familiar on these topics, and that he would be rightly punished and grounded if it happens again…
2) 3:05pm – D forgot his study guide for the Jamestown test tomorrow, so we go back to school to get it (like the 100th time this year); am I a slave-driver Supermom?  No pun intended.
3) 3:10pm – Lovely substitute teacher still in the classroom, so I get to meet her and hear about D misbehavin’ and how he didn’t write complete sentences for the answers on his study guide (“Oh, but the answers were all correct, he just needs to write complete sentences,” she stated) as D is practically in tears – SO NIT-PICKY IMO!!  Not off on the right foot…
4) 3:15pm – stop by the office to let them know D will be out of school a couple of days due to impending travel; my two “favorite” people are there (principal and asst. principal) [as I say sarcastically in my mind]; so then Mr. ____________ (asst. principal) comes up to the desk and proceeds to say “Hi Darren…so, gonna have a better day tomorrow?” as if D had not already been put down enough for the day – I felt like smacking the man upside the head…no disrespect intended to school administrators in general
4) 3:20pm – Return home and spend another 15 min. lecturing D while serving as maid getting a snack for him; spend another hour on homework – pushing and prodding while D whines and rebels and I send him to his room a couple of times; all while hacking away and still feeling strong effects of double ear infection/bronchitis!
5) 9am-5pm (on/off) Spend half the day trying to track down/speaking to references for potential new babysitter
6) 5-5:35pm – Call from Madeleine’s daycare 1.5 hrs. before closing time to come pick her up because she had a potty accident and they had no change of clothes for her = (…pick up and change her
7) 5:35 – Nightmare trip to Target to pick up my new medicine:

I tell D the rules “Remember I am NOT buying any toys for you and I expect you to behave.”  Enter store…M starts asking for the Hello Kitty stuff right by the Pharmacy and I tell her “No, we’re not getting that…”  She proceeds to whine and cry as D starts acting out…lecture time for D as we wait in line behind three people…M starts wailing & I say en francais “Qu’est-ce qu’il y a?  C’est pas gentil!” (translation: What’s wrong?  That’s not nice)…

Kind woman in front of us, in full Flight Attendant outfit who appeared to have just flown in from Dulles, asked if I wanted to go ahead of her & I thanked her profusely, then politely ask the cashier for my Rx while hacking away…

M starts running off to an area that had one of those triangular signs w/the guy slipping & I have to quickly retrieve her and reprimand her “No, it’s dangerous” I said firmly – “C’est dangereux”…she starts wailing again…

Check-out with cashier seemed to take hours…finally, the mission, what seemed impossible,  accomplished, and I say a very quick “Thank you”; head out of the store (no looking back), holding M’s hand and walking swiftly while she’s wails and I tell both kids “I’m never coming here ever again with you” (Yeah, right, how many millions of times have I said that?).

Out to the parking lot, go to put M in her car seat while crying & I say “Mais, qu’est-ce qu’il y a?” “But, what is the matter?” all the whilst never ceasing her tears…
8) 6:30pm – Return home, go back and forth w/M to troubleshoot DVD player so she can watch a movie and PLEASE GIVE MOMMY A BREAK!! ; multitask taking new medicine while checking e-mail, etc.
9) 7:00-8:00pm – Make dinner, have a relatively peaceful time eating w/kids (minus Daddy who is on travel at a work conference), clean up & take a deep breath before bedtime ritual while listening to free entertainment courtesy of D on the digital piano (<<sigh>> he’s finally sufficiently distracted not to cause any more damage)
10) 8:05-8:33pm – Draw/take M bath, get D to take shower, give M her regular yogurt dessert “Yaourt, en francais” before bedtime (note: in the car on the way home and after dinner I exclaimed to both children that “you will both go to bed EXTRA early tonight since you went to bed EXTRA late last night.”  It was especially fun last night dragging my sleepy, cranky, preschool daughter to the Little League baseball game, pacify her with Angry Birds on my phone to attempt redirection, when I feel terrible.  Then coming home just in time for the WS game, so kids extend their day not to miss a moment (never again, I say!!).

Flash forward to today: “Hallelujah” I thought to myself…”kids in bed by 8:30pm” (almost never occurs in this household).  Although M was extra fussy, I couldn’t figure out what she wanted, and I was ready to call it a day, so I halted entertaining any thoughts on what could be wrong.  Being the naive person I am, I thought I could escape to watch the WS game in the basement, and when I came upstairs 40 minutes later, M is still crying in her bed…turns out she needed to go to the bathroom & couldn’t get out of her crib.  OMG I felt like a bad Mom…but what’s a Mom to do when she’s practically deaf still and needed to rest…I swear, I couldn’t hear a thing from the basement!  But, alas, there was victory with the advanced potty training – score for Mommy!

Grateful D was fast asleep initially, and finally had conquered M at 9:30pm.  It’s that “Aaaaaaah, now I can relax” mode, when you let out a huge exhale, and feel the day is finally coming to a close, and you’ve survived once again, albeit beat-up and bruised.  I was fortunate to have slept pretty well last night and enjoyed a leisurely stroll in the late morning with my Black Lab mix, while viewing and taking snapshots of the beautiful Fall colors.  It’s those little moments of tranquility that I cherish and help to set the tone for the rest of the day…

Why is it that kids turn your whole world upside down?  They are such little people, but somehow they create the havoc that never seems to be easily remedied…I guess it’s a life-long process.  They were right when they said this parenting thing doesn’t come with a manual and it takes a village to raise a child.  Sometimes you have to figure it out along the way.  It just seems like when you’ve overcome one obstacle, another challenge appears in the mist, taunting you at every opportunity – interrupting your work day/routine/flow, penetrating your dreams, affecting the tranquility of slumber, and on and on.  I love my kids to death, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world, though…now gotta get back to my Giants and MY bedtime ritual – time to take care of ME, bahahaha (cackling in the spirit of the Halloween season under my breath).

All in all, it really isn’t that bad, you always make it through the day in your own special way.  As I have always told my kids when I tuck them in tightly before bed (an altered version of what my Mom “La Salvadorena” used to say to me every night):

“Bonne nuit…
Good Night…
Buenas Noches…
Que Duermes con Los Angelitos…
Sleep with The Angels…
Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite”

…and a kiss on the forehead CURES ALL!


2 thoughts on “Tribulation, triumph and tranquility (Peace = La Paix, La Paz)

  1. momof3 says:

    WOW! What a day you had! I hope today proves to be a better one for you. As far as LCPS goes, I feel your pain!


    • ycgreen2 says:

      Thank you for the feedback momof3…there are always better days to look forward to in my life, but glad to know I’m not alone. LCPS is another animal – I have my own ways of dealing and working behind the scenes…we all have to stick together, so let me know if you have any needs and I’ll bring concerns to the higher power ; )


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